The children of Bantar Gebang live their lives everyday among the hazardous trash pile. Most of them don’t even go to school because they have no money. This limit their future; they can only become trash pickers like their parents. Participants will meet with Resa, a woman of Bantar Gebang whose parents has sent to university. Now Resa returned to help her fellow Bantar Gebang seeds to reach for their dreams, to not be afraid and dare to venture out of their Bantar Gebang roots and out to make a better life for themselves and others. Resa founded BGBJ, and here among them, participants will experience life as a trash picker firsthand, learn how to pick, clean, recycle each trash, how to keep themselves safe and how to make friends.

Meeting young energetic faces of Bantar Gebang “seeds” as they are lovingly nicknamed and learn about how they live on a daily basis amongst the trash

DAY I – Bantar Gebang Trash Service Learning

07.00 am    Briefing @School and go to Bantar Gebang

09.30 am    Freshen Up

09.40 am    Trash Service Learning

11.30 am    Luch/Break


02.00 pm   Cleaning out and ready to go back to the school


Transportation, Lunch, Documentation


$ SGD32

Day 1 Activities :
1. Trash Service Learning
2. Recycle Art Exhibition


WOW Features

WOW Features:

  • It is unbelievable to see what people can salvage from trash. They have a wood workshop where they create useful things from trash.


LEARNING Highlights

LEARNING Highlights:

  • By experiencing the life of a trashpicker firsthand, participants will understand the importance of picking, organizing, and recycling their own garbage. Only 20% of 8500 tons of garbage daily are recycled.