Bali Teambuilding

Bali Quest

Bali Quest

Truly and authentically connecting with Balinese culture.

The BALI QUEST BATUAN is an active, dynamic event that showcase Balinese culture at its best. Teams will be working together in a fun, fast moving competitive environment and yet, they will deeply and authentically connect with the real Balinese culture.

The event is competitive but there are ample opportunities for teams to create alliances to share information, to help or to hinder other teams. Bonuses can be earned for great performances and high levels of teamwork and point penalties will be incurred for breaking rules.

At each point teams must complete a cultural, logical or active problem solving challenge to earn points before receiving the next information. Challenges are all customized to meet client’s objectives as well as maximize the group dynamics according to the size of the group

Bali Quest

20-199 Participants • Full Day ( >4 Hours) Program • Outdoors (Bali Only)

FUN Highlights:

  • Practise the art of making offerings, Bali style
  • Walk like a Balinese
  • Kecak Dance: Feel it for real
  • Building a real Barung (Lion offering)
  • Learn some Balinese and Indonesian words

LEARNING Highlights:

  • Time management
  • Consensus-building and team spirit
  • Creative and morale leadership
  • Team dynamics for performance
  • Team synergies

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