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3D2N Ujung Kulon

Ujung Kulon Banten

Escape the city and venture into the depths of the wild at Ujung Kulon National Park. Come to Sumur Village and sail over to Peutjang Island together with Captain Komodo, and students will find themselves in a remarkable and adventurous reunion with Mother Nature along the way.

This 3D2N School Trips camp is all about Leadership, falling under the thematics of Wildlife Conservation. Students will explore Peutjang Island, then island hop to Cidaon, Cibom, Badul and Handeulem Island. Not only are they there to enjoy the scenic beauty of nature, but they they will be preoccupied by many outdoor activities such as animal watching, island trekking, snorkelling and canoeing. After sundown, everyone can enjoy a BBQ dinner by the campfire, then students will have the chance to showcase their creative talents in the famed X-Factor Show.

Recommended age: 16 – 18 years old.

Capacity: 40 people

Destinations based on our itinerary:

Ujung Kulon
Trekking to the Hidden Paradise

Ujung Kulon
Animal Watch

Ujung Kulon

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