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Batam CSR Bike Building

Overseas CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) / CIP (Overseas Community Immersion Programs) focuses on participants (corporate staff, students…) traveling to a foreign country to conduct charity or community work. Participants are exposed to less fortunate communities and engaged in activities such as community work at an orphanage, building schools and providing donations to the less privileged.

Batam Bike Building
CSR / CIP programs are usually part of a staff getaway or an educational tour, with the program itself spanning between 1 – 3 days with a set theme. As both a travel agent and learning and training organisation, OIA is introducing a more sustainable and enlightened approach to CSR/CIP travel overseas. This framework allows organisations and participants to engage meaningfully in a selection of properly planned and managed sustainable CSR activities. These activities cover a board spectrum of talents and conditions: from cooking or gardening to teaching sports like outrigger canoe or dragon boat or even building toys or bicycles. By taking part in this activities, participants have to connect with the core principles of service, servant leadership as well as the practical aspects of dealing with communities with special needs.

Serve To Deserve:

Bringing Purpose, Vision & Awareness Into leadership Core Competencies:

  • Practice “ Servant Leadership ”
  • Look for meaning
  • Develop empathy
  • Understand others
  • Appreciate others (especially when they are different)
  • As you give, you receive
  • Serve to deserve

As you practice the skill of leading selflessly – serving others – you realize – almost magically – that the more you give (energy an effort, time…), you more you receive (appreciation, personal satisfaction, confidence, joy)



  • Teams will compete in challenge activities, earning bicycle and desks parts that will be used to build them for donation.
  • Teams must figure out how to assemble the bicycles and desks without any instruction manual. Once they are assembled and decorated, technicians will examine them and double check for safety and correct assembly before donating to the children.

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