Yogyakarta Activities

Yogyakarta is renowned as a center of education, enriched with history and knowledge of classical Javanese fine arts and culture, some of which includes batik, ballet, drama, music, poetry, and puppet shows. Yogyakarta was formerly Indonesia’s capital city during the Indonesian National Revolution from 1945 to 1949, with Gedung Agung as the president’s former office. Kotagede, currently one of the most famous districts in Yogyakarta, was formerly the capital of the Mataram Sultanate between 1575 and 1640. The city is named after the Indian city of Ayodhya from the Ramayana epic, combining the words Yogya, meaning “suitable, fit, proper,” and Karta, meaning “prosperous, flourishing,” hence combined to become a name meaning “a city that is fit to prosper.”

Here in Yogyakarta, students will have a chance to delve into an exchange program and community service project with the local village. They will also explore the historical aspects of this city by visiting famous temples and monuments such as Candi Borobudur and Candi Prambanan, the Merapi Volcano, the Village Sultan’s Palace, Taman Sari Water Castle, and even pay a visit to Kotagede. Students will also engage in leadership and team building activities with drama performances as well.

Recommended age: 12 – 14 years old

Capacity: 30 – 100 people

Destinations based on our itinerary:

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Drama Performance (source:

Candi Borobudur (source:

Merapi Volcano (source:

Village Sultan’s Palace ( source:

Taman Sari Water Castle (source:

Kota Gede (source:

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