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Langkawi Teambuilding

Langkawi Raft Building

Cardboard Raft Building

As with his more classic “brother”, this program involves planning, building and then racing rafts in small teams but with an additional trick: teams can only cardboard and tapes…. Can paper float and take the load of a crew? Constructing a water-worthy vessel in that case is all about design and invention – coupled of course with a strong dose of cooperation, communication and team work.

Invention, strategy, and luck! Add teamwork, a beach, lots of unusual flotation materials, tie it all together and you’ve got the winning ingredients for fun and memorable teambuilding on a hot day. This two-part program involves planning, building and then racing rafts in small teams. Teams will be using items like barrels, inner tubes, rope and ingenuity to construct a water-worthy vessel. The aim is to accomplish your mission first!

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Langkawi Raft Building

FUN Higlights

  • Budgeting for equipment, Designing, Sourcing some floating materials
  • Titanic Award (most spectacular unraveling)
  • Green Design Award (see the last slide)
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Langkawi Raft Building

LEARNING Higlights

  • Creativity & ingeniousness
  • Teamwork & Leadership
  • Strategy
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Langkawi Raft Building


  • Beaches
  • Lakes
  • Lagoons

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