Malacca Teambuilding

Malacca Buidling Bridges

The eye for design, the hands for building, the guts to test
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Building bridges can be a science or an art.
Start to practice both with this powerful teambuilding.

It is safe, it is fun and it is powerful & memorable.

Ludovic Odier

Teams will be using items like cardboard, tape, color papers, markers and ingenuity to construct a bridge.  This teambuilding combines powerfully competition with collaboration, as well as individual contribution with group contribution. The finale is memorable in giving a visual illustration of the trust- and confidence-building process that takes place during the program and culminate with everyone “walking safely on the bridge”.

• 12-99 Participants • Half-Day ( < 4 Hours ) Program • Anywhere ( Indoor or Outdoor )

LEARNING Highlights

  • Effective strategy within each team and across teams
  • Problem solving solutions, distribution of roles, communication
  • Building Bridges tests the communication skills, collaboration and resourcefulness of teams whilst constructing the ultimate bridge
  • The WE-picture and the MANY-to-ONE process
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FUN Highlights

  • Budgeting for equipment, designing, & sourcing some construction & decorative material
  • Ingeneer collaboration – across teams
  • “Walk the bridge”
  • Creativity & ingeniousness
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