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Wings Malacca ( Center for Disable)

CSR - Wings Malacca

Wings Melaka had its beginnings in early 1997 when a group of Christian parents who themselves had children with special needs met in the parsonage of Wesley Methodist Church Melaka (then the home of Pastor David & Junee Loo and their son, Joel), hoping to start some services for children with developmental delays. With the support of Malaysian CARE and the community of churches in Melaka, this project became a reality in October 1998, when Wings Melaka launched its Early Intervention Program.

CSR - Wings Malacca

Wings Melaka is a not-for-profit organisation providing a range of innovative learning opportunities to people with special needs and their families. These learning opportunities are designed to maximize the outcomes for people with developmental disabilities and their families through creative, empowering and transforming activities.

CSR - Wings Malacca    CSR - Wings Malacca

The center is for people with developmental delays, which means the main problem of the individual is a developmental delay, a learning disability or a mental handicap, and NOT a visual, hearing or physical impairment. It is open to people of all races and religions.

CSR - Wings Malacca

The story of Wings Melaka is a story of HOPE: hope in God, hope in our children, and hope in ourselves as parents. In the face of all the challenges, we never lose hope – we look up and see our children soaring on wings like eagles.

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