Kite Making and Flying

Singapore Kite Making Kite Flying

Invention & Design

Wonder at how great you will feel – building and flying your kite with your teammates. Remember: sky is the limit.

Along Singapore seashores or at the handsome Singapore Barrage, Kite flying has found a new wind as a fun and entertaining team activity. Not just for kids or parents, many of us will ravel in this ever-popular activities: our expert facilitator will first demonstrate the basics and essentials of kite making, using simple equipment. Then everyone in small group of 2 to 5 will have to build their own kite.

In some variations of the program, teams need to build a fleet of kite and get their hands at flying them. In other variations, each team needs to assemble a giant kite and few smaller ones!! In any case, you will enjoy and be amazed at how little wind you need. Yet, be ready to run if required to pro pule the kite high in the air.

Finally comes the time of the great finale: let us see which kite flies the highest.

12-199 Participants • Half Day Program (<4 Hours) • Outdoors (Sentosa Only)

FUN Highlights:

  • Color and dress up your kites to “your team brand”
  • Feel youthful again and wonder at the sky
  • Basics of building a kite: sounds easy and yet.
  • Sky is the limit: fly high and even higher.

LEARNING Highlights:

  • Patience and attention to details
  • Calm and self-control
  • Feeling young. Letting the child in you be



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