Corporate Eduscapes

Learning Expeditions

Our CORPORATE EDUSCAPES are learning expeditions designed to provide access to destination-based, real-time visual and interactive experiences, providing practical and more purposeful learning opportunities to corporate players.

1) To strengthen organizational cultures that encourages community building, teamwork and collaboration, a sense of belonging within your group, optimism, and creativity.
2) To provide opportunities for self-enrichment and awareness of one’s belief through engagement and relationship building with local host communities, facilitators and experts.
3) To foster international business development and intercultural competence opportunities within organizations.
4) To cultivate empathy, compassion, purpose, and other positive values within individuals, teams, and organizations.
5) To nurture reflective thinking capacities in individuals.

1) List of leading companies, key contacts and site visits.
2) Selected themes and a corresponding learning itinerary and framework to derive impactful learning.
3) Database of experts and reputed facilitators to engage in powerful discussion and dialogues.
4) Database of local leaders and contact with local communities.
5) Range of service learning projects.

1) The necessary tools for understanding the components of culture and organizations.
2) Business friendships and network connections that may last a lifetime.
3) Clarification of personal values, beliefs, and goals.
4) Appreciation and understanding of business, people, process, and performance drivers.
5) Opportunity to engage in reflective, analytic, and participatory involvement that will allow individuals to respond to various cultural settings.
6) A more authentic relationship with the global business community

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