CSR Partnership

OIA CSR Partnerships facilitate your company’s engagement to selected causes and CSR projects, tying up business objectives with people, involvement through innovative projects, volunteering opportunities, and meaningful exchanges with other communities.

CSR Partnership

1) To help employees practice specific professional skills, such as design and leadership, through short service activities.
2) To stimulate critical thinking around the interrelated nature and underlying causes of social issues such as poverty, disability, environmental conservation, etc.
3) To have employees gain exposure to other cultures, ethnic groups and communities.
4) To develop empathic and service-oriented mindsets in participants.
5) To connect corporations with local and rural communities through service and cross-cultural dialogue.

1) Pre-arranged service learning projects with a partnering NGO.
2) Equip participants with fundamental skills and knowledge needed for service.
3) Establish community partnerships through orienteering and group-building activities.
4) Cultural and language instructions.
5) Teaching critical professional skills such as effective dialogue and communication, design thinking, story telling and leadership.
6) Necessary tools for self-care, including stress management, transformation, mindfulness and meditation.

1) Necessary tools for understanding the components of culture.
2) Friendships and network connections that may last a lifetime.
3) Clarification of personal values, beliefs and life goals
4) Appreciation and understanding of community, spirituality, and the role of arts in human civilization.
5) Opportunity to engage in reflective, analytic and participatory involvement that will allow individuals to respond to various cultures.
6) A more authentic relationship with the global community and Mother Earth.

WOW! Experience
Take this opportunity to practice making meaningful impact through a service learning experience, supported with effective facilitation, coaching, and culture and language instructions.

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