Leadership Camps

Our LEADERSHIP CAMPS are residential corporate learning retreats, offering powerful leadership developmental experiences to small intimate groups of employees.


1) To develop methods that can engage the members and contribute to the organization’s effectiveness and efficiency.
2) To foster and nurture organizational cultures that encourages community building, teamwork and collaboration, a sense of belonging within your group, optimism, and creativity.
3) To enhance and grow individual self-confidence and skills in self-expression and communication.
4) To establish and develop healthy personal relationships with others.
5) To build teams that possesses strong intercultural and emotional intelligence.
6) To provide individuals with the tools they need to develop a problem-solving mindset geared around formulating sustainable solutions.

1) Hands-on design work.
2) Creative arts (music, dance, etc.)
3) Storytelling.
4) Project-based learning.
5) Experiential/action learning.
6) Meeting exemplary models of leadership.

1) The necessary tools and the inspiration to propose, initiate, and execute creative and sustainable actions.
2) The courage to take initiative when an opportunity for leadership arises within the organization.
3) The knowledge and understanding to communicate across cultures.
4) Design, dialogue, and organization skills.
5) A renewed sense of playfulness and re-engagement with surrounding communities and the natural world.
6) Happy teams that have better relationships with each other as a result of a unique experience in a remote area.

WOW! Experience
Our LEADERSHIP CAMPS offer curriculum s that allows one to gain clarification over their own values, beliefs and leadership style through engagement with local communities in developing countries, participation in activities centered around the arts, performances and ceremonial activities, and spiritual reflection within rural and untouched natural areas.

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