Staff Gateways Incentives

Staff Gateways Incentives

Our Corporate Getaways are exciting staff retreats combined altogether with great destinations and immersive experiences in highly engaging teambuilding activities for fun, bonding and relaxation.


1) A wonderfully rewarding getaway for all corporate staff members!
2) To encourage teamwork and collaboration, a sense of belonging within your group, optimism, and creativity.
3) To provide opportunities for self-enrichment and awareness about business and teams.
4) To foster international business development and intercultural competence opportunities within organizations.
5) To cultivate empathy, compassion, purpose, and other positive values within individuals, teams, and organizations.


1) NGO site visits.
2) Taking the time to reflect in calm, mindful and rural settings.
3) Participating in artistic performance and explore hidden philosophical meanings within culture through art.
4) Engage with local communities through rural recreational activities.
5) One-day service learning projects.


Experience a refreshing change from the mundane corporate buzz!

WOW! Experience

Deep, hands-on experiences allowing one to examine the values and beliefs in various cultures through the use of the arts and performance, cooking, recreation and nature.

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