It takes a village to raise a child and the proverbial wisdom often goes against the recent trends of individualism, sheer consumerism and personal ambitions. Be it Volunteering or Community Empowerment, our programs help participants to reconnect with key dimensions of healthy and prosperous communities.

Exchange Programs

To know and appreciate your own culture it is important to travel, share and exchange with others.

Special Interest

Enjoy SEA diversity and the richness of its many cultures, tastes and flavours. It is also an opportunity to immerse into Eastern spirituality and their global importance in the XXI century.



Community Empowerment

Community leaders are often looking for inspiration: from moral and ethical goalposts, to developing talent and passion, and to finding innovative ways to spark creativity and foster leadership. OIA Community Empowerment Retreats offer a 5 to 12-day residential program tailored to various groups in order to achieve these objectives. We provide associations and special communities a wonderful opportunity to strengthen their collective purpose and co-create in a mutually supportive environment using a combination of outdoor adventure, service learning, community building, and arts-based approaches.

Volunteering Programs

Volunteering programs answer the growing needs for youth and adults alike by committing the time and energy to serve and take part in various programs from social work (education, welfare, special needs), conservation projects (turtles, orangutans, hornbills), social enterprises, etc. Our volunteering programs offer sustained immersion with a local community or projects in specific destinations, all focusing on a specific outcome that is beneficial to both the locals and the broader community.

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Exchange Programs

Cultural Visits

OIA brings you to a place of cultural interests, be it with heritage or religious relevance, historical sites, or places of geographical significance.

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Special Interest

Spiritual Retreat

Brainstorming over key thoughts, ideas and actions: reflection, intention, purpose, higher values, mindfulness, nature, silence, solitude, solipsism, meditation, reverence, devotion, prayers, deeper aspirations, connectedness with something greater, acceptance, and non-judgment.

Special Interest Tour

OIA Special Interest tours – be it culinary, conservation, wildlife, textile and fabric, or even spirituality tours – will connect you with the wisest guides and experts. We bring you to the most authentic places and promise that you will leave with a mind full of wonders and an intense itch for knowledge and other exciting possibilities. We offer high quality tours, based on selected themes, and provide a modern day understanding and approach to a discerning and curious audience. To go out of the beaten track does not necessarily mean going to places where no one else has gone. Instead, it is about deepening connections, spending more time to look for the best possible quality of people, experts, places and stories.

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Teambuilding & CSR


OIA teambuildings are solutions identifying dynamic, engaging and creative methods in which individuals are able to creatively contribute to the larger course of the team objectives and purpose.

CSR Partnerships

OIA CSR Partnerships facilitate your company’s engagement to selected causes and CSR projects, tying up business objectives with people, involvement through innovative projects, volunteering opportunities, and meaningful exchanges with other communities.