Community Empowerment

Community leaders are often looking for inspiration: from moral and ethical goalposts, to developing talent and passion, and to finding innovative ways to spark creativity and foster leadership. OIA Community Empowerment Retreats offer a 5 to 12-day residential program tailored to various groups in order to achieve these objectives. We provide associations and special communities a wonderful opportunity to strengthen their collective purpose and co-create in a mutually supportive environment using a combination of outdoor adventure, service learning, community building, and arts-based approaches.

1) Helping associations and communities create a space that encourages co-creation, authenticity, mutual love and support, and learn to understand their collective purpose and intents.
2) Affirming core values and beliefs.
3) Strengthening group relationships and emotional bonds.
4) Providing groups with the necessary tools and techniques to deal with ongoing challenges.

1) Intercultural community-based service learning projects.
2) Cultural activities.
3) Recreational activities.
4) Rural reflective settings.
5) Expert facilitation.
6) Team-building activities.

1) Develop a service-oriented mindset to community empowerment.
2) A re-energized and fully inspired community ready to engage with the world.
3) Fresh approaches to creative and innovative ideas.
4) A stronger sense of purpose and agency.
5) Develop “esprit de corps.”

WOW! Experience
Participate in our own unique Balinese kecak dance (monkey dance) and in a jegog orchestra (Balinese bamboo instruments).

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