Spiritual Retreat

Brainstorming over key thoughts, ideas and actions: reflection, intention, purpose, higher values, mindfulness, nature, silence, solitude, solipsism, meditation, reverence, devotion, prayers, deeper aspirations, connected with something greater, acceptance, and non-judgment.

1) Being at peace with oneself.
2) Deep contentment.
3) Not about having but about being.
4) Understanding who we are.
5) Transcending language and sensory perceptions.
6) Techniques to reaching a higher level of self.
7) Reflection, realignment, and recharging.
8) Learning to use the necessary tools and practices to cope with the demands of daily life.
9) Being less reactive and more purposeful.
10) Taking misery as a divine blessing.
11) Addressing fear and life challenges.
12) Reconnecting and listening to nature.
13) Learning to give and to receive.

1) Spiritual practices such as meditation, prayers, and other universal techniques, like yoga.
2) Develop a familiarity with sacred knowledge (local practices, sacred texts).
3) Nonjudgmental spaces of deep listening and profound sharing and dialogue.
4) Arts-based approaches for new perceptions and insights.

1) Routines that would help individuals realign themselves and reconnect with their higher purpose.
2) Renewed familiarity with the need for devotion and reverence in life.
3) Practices of gratitude and appreciation for good things as well as the challenges of life.
4) An enhanced capacity to connect with people and communities, and to address problems and challenges stemming from daily life.
5) Reflective thinking capacity and enhanced mindfulness.
6) Ability to evaluate and make decisions.

WOW! Experience
Experience moments of devotion and build your own sacred box to document your journey with your own stories and experiences.

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