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Volunteering Programs

Volunteering programs answer the growing needs for youth and adults alike by committing the time and energy to serve and take part in various programs from social work (education, welfare, special needs), conservation projects (turtles, orangutans, horn bills), social enterprises, etc. Our volunteering programs offer sustained immersion with a local community or projects in specific destinations, all focusing on a specific outcome that is beneficial to both the locals and the broader community.


1) Help individuals acquire experience through service.
2) Stimulate critical thinking around the interrelated nature and underlying causes of social issues such as poverty, disability, environmental conservation, etc.
3) Gain exposure to other cultures, ethnic groups and communities.
4) Encourage future community work and social service career exploration.
5) Develop emphatic and service-oriented mindsets.

1) Pre-arranged service learning projects with a partnering NGO.
2) Equip volunteers with fundamental skills and knowledge needed for service.
3) Establish community partnership through orienteering and group-building activities.
4) Cultural and language instruction.
5) Teach critical skills such as effective dialogue and communication, design thinking, and leadership.

1) The necessary tools to understand the components of culture.
2) Friendships and network connections that may last a lifetime.
3) Clarification of personal values, beliefs and life goals.
4) Appreciation and understanding of community, spirituality, and the role of arts in human civilization.
5) Opportunity to engage in reflective, analytic, and participatory involvement that will allow individuals to respond to cultures.
6) A more authentic relationship with the global community and Mother Earth

WOW! Experience
This is an opportunity to practice making a meaningful impact through service learning experiences, all supported with effective facilitation, coaching, and cultural and language instruction.

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