Industrial Tours

Industrial Tours

OIA Industry Tours offer lifetime opportunities for young and aspiring students to visit the best of the breed and state of the art facilities in top corporate houses across various verticals, from health to finance, technology, tourism, entertainment and more.

1) Facilitate lifetime opportunities for students to visit various facilities in top corporate houses across various verticals.
2) Providing students an in-depth analysis and perspective on the best practices, functions, and management of the best industries within the region.

1) Visit the top cities, economic powerhouses, and growing cities of the world.
2) Visit top corporate houses and business institutions in various verticals.
3) Meet inspiring and highly competent staff and experts.
4) Look, feel, and touch the state of the art facilities, products, and technology.

1) A lifetime opportunity to see the company of your dream and meet the people who can inspire you there.
2) Opportunities for purposeful dialogues with the people who have made it and seen it in the big league.
3) Awaken your career aspirations and professional hopes and dreams.

WOW! Experience
City, companies, people, and jobs coming together all in one experience of a lifetime.

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