Leadership Adventures

Leadership Adventures

Leadership Journeys, Camps, and Personal Growth Programs.
Providing a unique blend of activities to develop different aspects of one’s character.

Character education is a learning process that enables students and adults in a school community to understand and act upon core ethical values such as respect, justice, civic virtue and citizenship, and responsibility for oneself and others. Young adults will soon be exposed to many opportunities and dangers of society, and by having a system of values to rely on, they will be able to confront these difficult social challenges that life will throw at them.

1) Giving an early introduction to leadership skills, along with the necessary tools to that will help individuals throughout their lives.
2) Training children to get involved and to take initiative in their communities and their greater society.
3) Preparing children to participate in extra curricular activities/programs in high school and college.
4) Providing children the foundation to develop themselves in accordance with their goals.
5) Encouraging the youth to explore their creativity.
6) Helping the youth understand the importance of teamwork, communities, and performance.
7) Developing a problem-solving mindset geared around creating sustainable solutions.

1) Hands-on design work
2) Creative arts (music, dance, etc.)
3) Storytelling
4) Project-based learning
5) Experiential/action learning
6) Meeting exemplary models of leadership

1) The necessary tools and inspiration to be creative think outside of the box.
2) The courage to respond when an opportunity for leadership arises.
3) The knowledge to communicate and interact across cultures.
4) Design, dialogue, and organizational skills.

WOW! Experience
Gaining the opportunity to use leadership skills to organize and collaborate on a music/dance project and performance.

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