Opportunity Journeys

Study Tour Singapore OIATravel to the best destinations within the ASEAN region for Education, Learning and Business Opportunities.

Offering highly purposeful trips for aspiring students to explore greater opportunities for higher education in the top destinations around ASEAN with the best universities available. Find the connection between the city, culture, people and education, and seize the opportunity for success.

1) Provide inspirational students to explore various educational opportunities across the best countries and growing economies within the ASEAN region.
2) Join the best universities and colleges that offer unique and competitive courses for real-time demand in global markets.
3) Giving the opportunity for the youth to become a global student and potential citizen by embracing new cultures, higher education, and enhanced experiences.
4) Giving the opportunity for many universities and colleges to attract the best talents from across the world and cater to demanding Global MNCs.

1) Tours to students in the age group of 13 to 18 to universities and colleges in the best destinations.
2) Meet top faculty members to discuss career options and programs.
3) Visit the city and learn of its culture, infrastructure, economy, and business opportunities.
4) Discuss with locals and hear from business experts on what it takes to be successful in their city of interest.

1) The opportunity to become global students.
2) Join world-class universities/colleges and their best programs.
3) Explore business opportunities and careers in their field of interest.
4) Develop the confidence, leadership skills, and collaborative skills needed for life.

WOW! Experience
Take this wonderful opportunity to become Global Students and Citizens of the World, along with the chance to study in the top institutions within the best cities in Asia.

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