Using Drama and Arts through our world-class ZiPoPo drama forum methodology, offering students a highly engaging and fun way to learn and practice language or to deal with difficult decision for their life and career. LANGUAGE FOR LIFE makes learning English fun, highly engaging and most effective. The ZiPoPO COMPASS KIT is a 10-hr syllabus teaching conflict resolution and decision making for career or life with an ethical perspective. OIA STEAM services revolves around drama-based scenarios to practice dialogue as well as help students make ethical choices when faced with difficult life decisions in the midst of their youth and adolescent lives.

1) Exploring and confronting key life challenges most youth are faced with in terms of their relationships with authority, critical ethical choices in early stages of adult life and eventually in their career paths and working life.
2) Adopting and practicing a powerful practical methodology to make and take ethical decisions when faced with difficult and challenging life situations.

1) Script-based approaches and scenarios about a list of critical decisions most youth will have to face as part of a growing-up process, especially as they are about to enter a professional path or career.
2) Play out and stage up options.
3) Training kit for teachers.
4) Video-based approach.

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