Hero's Journey

A unique course that will help understand an individual’s call to adventure, develop a collaborative nature to manage difficult challenges, build communities and alliances, and implement the magic of change.

1) Gain personal awareness of one’s call to adventure and purpose.
2) Overcome obstacles and cultivate resilience.
3) Learn the best practices for building communities and forging alliances around a vision for larger change.
4) Master the necessary tools of design thinking, leadership agility, and capacity building for large-scale change.
5) Cultivate heroic traits and values such as resilience, courage, desire and passion, empathy, accomplishment, and perseverance in all participants.
6) Understand failure and failure management, and to use failure to achieve success.

1) Hands-on design work.
2) Creative arts (music, dance, etc.)
3) Storytelling
4) Project-based learning
5) Experiential and action learning.
6) Meeting exemplary models of leadership.

1) A greater sense of purpose and life mission.
2) The necessary tools to manage individual challenges, build communities, and create brand new possibilities in the world.
3) A more authentic relationship with the global community and Mother Earth.

WOW! Experience
The opportunity to explore one’s higher calling and purpose through art and travel.

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