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Higher Engagement for Corporate

Business Builder

Suite of hands-on teambuilding solutions, offering a range of world-class action-learning methodologies to deal with key aspects of personal & team transformations within organizations.

Digital Teambuilding

IPAD-based application offers fantastic opportunities to build and share memories while running through a large selection of spot locations and team stations (hands-on). Each spot and station will have a specific task. Photos, videos, quizzes, all intertwined with cool and unique challenges – and all in real time

Teambuilding Solutions

Solutions identifying dynamic, engaging and creative methods in which individuals are able to creatively contribute to the larger course of the team objectives and purpose.

CSR / Volunteering

Take the opportunity to give back to the community and the people near or far. Look after causes that matter to you and make a difference.

Interactive Tours

Interactive / Inspired tours are about deepening connections, spending more time to look for the best possible quality of people, experts, places and stories.

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Higher engagement for Education


Innovative, integrative ways of teaching and producing accelerated learning outcomes using drama and art for language acquisition (ESL), character development & Career Orientation Skills.

STEMON Robotics

Innovative, integrative ways of teaching and producing accelerated learning outcomes, in Science Technology, Engineering and Math.