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A Revolutionary Technique for Building Healthy, Trusting & Productive Relationships.

Corporate ZiPoPo

“It brings people together, and pushes for a positive solution. Very often I have a problem that I can’t solve. I suggest it as a topic and then get 75 people discussing it and giving amazing feedback, analysis and understanding.” Shamil Fattakhov, creator and originator of ZIPoPo™ speaking about the power of ZIPoPo™.


ZIPoPo™ aims to develop consultation in the search for positive solutions, while encouraging dialogue, positive behavior and moral responsibility in every individual. A driving objective is to create a safe environment that encourage participants to analyse assumptions about right and wrong and develop the courage to think independently. 3 easy steps to bring ZIPoPo™ to your organisation

First step: PLAY OUT® The methodology is applied to specific situations using customized scripts – We design and co-create hundreds of contextually, culturally relevant scripts – CLIA actors act for you.

Second step: STAGE UP® – We help you to script and enact your own stories confidently. – You act for us.

Third step (advanced): CERTIFICATION – Learn The Art & Science Of ZIPoPo™ Facilitation – The objective if for you to be able to “ run the show”.


The very nature of ZIPoPo™, including the encouragement of dramatic art (script-writing, acting and directing), allows for instant creative debate to touch on real-life dilemmas, and very often for the first time.

Take Aways


“Neurologists say that our brains are programmed much more for stories than for abstract ideas. Tales with a little drama are remembered far longer than any slide crammed with analytics” John P. Kotter. A broad range of applications: Resolving Conflict / Fostering Safety Cultures / Building Appreciative Cultures / Sales Leadership /Empowering communities / Character Development Benefits Empowerment and Accelerated learning ZIPoPo™ show provides all participants with an empowering experience that creates a sense of unity of purpose, unity of thought and unity of action within the corporate decision-making and policy-making process. Trans-formative form of Dialogue Respectful expression of personal viewpoints, ethical Reasoning and courteous self – discipline when listening appreciatively to others, underpins the process of transformation, that is geared towards acting out a creative answer or suggesting a positive solution.

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