One-Day Workshop – Product Development In Action is a four-part capability development workshop designed to help companies become better at developing brand new products and delivering them to the market.


The first two modules will show you a LSP integrated development approach which can help generate new insight driven products that can create real impact. The next two modules will teach you to manage dynamic new product development programmes, beginning with the idea up to the final product in a quick and easy method.

Action Learning Methodology:

  • Use the Knowledge already in the Room to unlock hidden assets.
  • Construct new knowledge by understanding the Metaphors used in Stories.
  • Gather intentionally to apply your imagination.
  • Generate options and develop a new understanding together.
  • Think with your hands.
  • Build individually.
  • Share with your group.

Action Learning Methodology:

  1. Build an integrated and committed team
  2. Unleash the team’s full creativity in 4 to 5 big, cohesive product proposition stories and concept specifications.
  3. Approach the challenge in a holistic manner both from the consumer’s perspective and from the developer’s perspective (IPD – Integrated Product Design).
  4. Build on the results achieved with a pilot project.


Module 1

Building Team Spirit


Module 2

Imagining the Experience


Module 3

Designing the Experience


Module 4

Staying On Track Strategically


Module 2

Storyboards for 3 to 5 propositions:

  • Consumer-centric “holistic propositions – not the marketing or technical team.
  • Easily differentiable, content-rich propositions.


Module 2
  • A 30-second “elevator story” about the core identity and nature of the EXPERIENCE.
  • A picture of the mix of formulation and packaging that supports the compelling story.
  • A listing of which enablers will we be using and which enablers we may need to develop.
  • A compelling, memorable and metaphorical reference name for each proposition.


Module 4

A short list of decision-making principles:

  • Reflect upon the team/company’s strategic objectives.
  • Where to look and what to focus on when making critical decisions.