Digital Cultural Quest


Digital Cultural Quest

Loaded Exciting Challenges • Amazing Discovery
Event Type
Group Sizes

No Minimum or Maximum Participants


Half Day / Full Day Program


Loaded Exciting Challenges • Amazing Discovery

Connect with the local art and culture to engage localthink global.

Embrace the New – Appreciate the differences – see the commonalities and engage with a New World and engage our specificity.

Small steps makes a big differences : Discover and Re-invent by engage in upselling.

Grow as Leaders by stretching the limits of who we are and engaging team, every counts and contribute.

No Min. or Max. Participants • Half/Full Day Program • Outdoors (Singapore Only)

The challenges will revolve around culture, art and civilization
Half Day Itinerary

14:15 – 14:45 : Briefing (at hotel / lunch venue)

14: 45 : Program starts

Stops will involve places of cultural and artistic interest:
Teams will move with their own van and have to go various challenges and quizzes at each location:

National Gallery & Asian Civilisations Museum

Peranakan Museum (Armenian Street)

Malay Heritage Center (near Arab Street and Sultan’s Mosque)

Buddha Tooth Relic and Museum (Chinatown)

17:45 – 18:15 : Staggered transfers of teams by van to hotel

18:15 – 19:15 : Computing of points at hotel lobby [staggered arrival of teams]

19:15 : Debriefing & Group photo

19:30 : End of the program


Team building activities, Full Facilitation

  • 1 SIM-card activated connected IPAD per team (1 ipad for 8-10 pax)
  • Back room activation for instant collection of photos and videos
  • Full coordination, props, and equipment set up, Logistics, Manpower
  • Team Identity
  • Activity Pack: Activity logbook for each destination + transfer pack
  • Scavenger Hunt wallet for MRT when required
  • First Aid Support
  • Disposable raincoats
  • 3 Encounters : Henna Artists / Garland Maker / Calligraphy Challenge
  • Tea break from SGD 10/pax
  • Lunch from SGD 18/pax : Tasty ethnic lunches in local restaurant are available
  • Trade for listed products in certified shops for the finale or dinner
  • Gold Coins Collections


All information is required except the one that is labelled optional

FUN Highlights

FUN Highlights:

  • Navigate freely, find your way, enjoy fun moments in team.
  • Discover interesting places a fun and original way.
  • Fun photo and videos in relation to challenges.


LEARNING Highlights

LEARNING Highlights:

  • Time management.
  • Building consensus and maintaining team spirit.
  • Shared leadership and team dynamics.
  • Appreciating diversity both outside and within the team.
  • Positive mindset.
  • Leadership & Teamwork, Communication and taking of initiative in a team.