Educational school trips, Leadership journeys, Service Learning programs: offering students access to carefully selected destinations with Risk-Assessment, Thematic educational projects and “micro-worlds” and purposeful learning experiences and opportunities.

OIA Schooltrips


School Trips Asia is commited to excellence in all areas so that:

  • We offer the best activities that are fun, challenging, educational, engaging, safe, and age appropriate for all destinatons.
  • We provide for all logistical arrangements such as transport, food, equipment, and event management on a turnkey basis.
  • All educational aspects and processes are appropriate and encourage the students to think for themselves.
  • The safety and well-being of the students is our priority.
  • The relationship between our personnel, students and teachers are professional, arm, and responsive.


School Trips

Our vision is to provide every student with an extraordinary experience that challenges them to open their minds to the world, gain brand new experiences on their role as global citizens, and grow in openness and respect towards others.


Depending on the programme chosen, the SchoolTripsAsia team will design learning material and worksheets. These will be made available to the teachers so that they can integrate them into their student’s learning before, during or after the event.


Our brand of educational school trips, offering students one-in-a-life time experience, with best of class inquiry-based discoveries and projects and turn-key, risk-assessed logistics.

leadership adventure

Leadership Journeys, Camps, and Personal Growth Programs. Providing a unique blend of activities to develop different aspects of one’s character.

service learning program

Residential learning programs designed to help individuals acquire professional skills.