STEMON Robotic


Engineering + Programming for robotic application, our courses combine construction and programming challenges. They offer a broad skill development for STEM competencies and hence equip student with broad range of tools and skills for their future.

STEMON Robotics

1) Make learning Math and Science a fun and desirable activity that students would love to be a part of.
2) Encouraging the youth to explore exciting challenges, learn from playing and sharing how to solve these STEM related challenges.
3) Offering a world-class STEM syllabus.
4) Creating the best learning environment and experience.
5) Learn to innovate based on real life problems

1) Construction-based challenges and programming challenges – a world-class experiential learning process facilitated by teachers through what we call the “Cha-Cha Process”.
2) Easy to use, affordable and convenient equipment for the production of cool and exciting robots and various other constructions.
3) Building competency foundations for the delivery of a class where STEM learning is active, fun, safe, peaceful, collaborative and effective.

Combine the benefit from both class Feeling excitement and gaining a deep interest in learning Science and Mathematics through hands-on activities and collaborative sharing.

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