STEMON Robotic

Engineering for Kids

Innovative, integrative ways of teaching and producing accelerated learning outcomes, in Science Technology, Engineering and Math.

Engineering for Kids

Children are natural builders. Our programs are designed for students to be exposed to the Engineering Design Process, which means to design, build, test and improve. Activities are very hands-on with concrete goals in mind.


1) Make learning Math and Science a fun and desirable activity that students would love to be a part of.
2) Encouraging the youth to explore exciting challenges, learn from playing and sharing how to solve engineering related challenges.
3) Offering a world-class STEM syllabus.
4) Creating the best learning environment and experience.


1) Construction challenges using various materials
2) Thematic lesson based on science, history and geography
3) Use technical tools: link mechanism, pulleys, gears, levers,
4) Project based: science & engineering projects to inspire/motivate students
5) Engineering Concepts: distance, speed, thrust, balance, measurement, friction and many more

Take Aways

Develop motor skills
Deepen your creative skiils
Build problem solving skills
Discover how things work
Explore engineering as a career option
Learn math and science while having fun
Engage in real world engineering problems
Feeling excitement and gaining a deep interest in learning Science and Mathematics through hands-on activities and collaborative sharing.