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Programming for Kids

Our innovative programming courses for primary, elementary and middle-schoolers teach computer programming skills through interactive and exciting projects. These fun classes are perfect for kids who have great imaginations, like figuring out how things work or simply love technology..

Programming For Kids


In Programming for Kids, your son or daughter will have a blast creating video games, animated stories and bringing their imaginations to life. You don’t even have to mention all the cool skills he or she is learning along the way: basic coding and programming, problem solving, logic, physics and more. It’s a great way to get kids psyched about learning cool STEM skills.


1) Fun basic programming for kids
2) Innovative solving challenge based teaching method
3) Using iPad/tablets & Pc Making video games
4) Digital story telling: how to make animation
5) Programming robots Creating apps

Take A ways

1) Sharpen logical thinking

2) Deepen your child creative skills

3) Getting familiar with a core skill for the future

4) Learns how to create characters, animations, sounds and special effects

5) Develops mini-stories and builds the skills to design a final video game that he or she can play with friends.

6) Experiments and troubleshoots on his or her programming project, developing important problem solving, logic and computational skills.

7) Collaborates with other kids to challenge and learn from each other — making friends along the way.