Clay Studio


Passion & Vision • Arts & Sculpture

“Discover the ‘can do’ in creative ways.”


Sculpting creativity with teamwork. Experience what it takes to create simple things out of clay. Learn how to appreciate a work of labor made out of patience, gentle touch, persuasion and simple strength. Witness how the creative process unfolds and the emergence of a collaborative dimension of team work and business development through the creation of a “set” of artifacts.

Despite using similar material and techniques, each artifact will come distinctively unique and personal. Our Clay Studio workshop creates a powerful metaphor through the role of diversity at work and shedding light upon everyone’s quality and why it needs to be appreciated.

8 – 89 Participants • Half Day (< 4 Hours) Program • Indoors (Singapore Only)

FUN Highlights:

  • Use your imagination to create.
  • Get your creations fired and take them home!
  • Relax and distress.

LEARNING Highlights:

  • Taking the time and effort to build something.
  • Start from scratch and build a project or a team.
  • Combining one’s own personal vision with a group vision and purpose.
  • Optimizing the alignment.