Master @ Work

Passion & Vision • Arts & Sculpture

Empower your business’ organisation and productivity skills using a creative approach.

Who would think that art can help businesses succeed and managers manage more efficiently? By empowering a group – large or small – with a creative approach to strategic planning, this program can create wonders in aligning organization and productivity in your business.

8-199 Participants • Half Day Program (>4 Hours) • Indoors

FUN Highlights:

  • Feel the pleasure of creating in color
  • Unveil new aspects and talents within you
  • Unlock creativity keys
  • Discover the unknown sides of your friends and colleagues

LEARNING Highlights:

  • Quick sharing on the key values, drivers, competencies
  • Collective brainstorming on group visioning
  • Building a shared vision from the bottom
  • Group presentation in a format of Appreciative Inquiry